Chansey Pokemon Infinite Fusion

In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, Chansey is one of the most interesting Pokemon to fuse due to its unique combination of stats, abilities, and move pool. By fusing Chansey with other Pokemon, players can create a variety of powerful and versatile new Pokemon with unique abilities and strengths.

One of the most popular Chansey fusions is the combination of Chansey and Blissey. This fusion creates a Pokemon with high HP and Special Defense stats, as well as access to a wide variety of support moves. With moves like Softboiled, Wish, and Heal Bell, this fusion is able to provide powerful support to its teammates, making it a popular choice for competitive play.

Another popular Chansey fusion is the combination of Chansey and Alakazam. This fusion creates a Pokemon with high Special Attack and Speed stats, as well as access to powerful Psychic-type moves like Psyshock, Psychic, and Shadow Ball. This makes the Chansey-Alakazam fusion a powerful offensive force that can deal significant damage to opposing Pokemon.

In terms of abilities, Chansey has access to a number of useful abilities that can be passed down to its fusions. Natural Cure is a particularly useful ability that allows the Pokemon to automatically heal status conditions when it switches out of battle. This ability can be incredibly useful for keeping your team healthy and free of status conditions.

Chansey’s move pool is also quite diverse, with access to moves like Softboiled, Seismic Toss, Toxic, and Thunder Wave. With a wide variety of support and offensive moves at its disposal, Chansey is able to fit a variety of roles on a team and can be used in a variety of different battle situations.

One potential downside to fusing Chansey is its relatively low Defense stat. This makes it vulnerable to physical attacks, and players will need to be careful when using Chansey in battle. However, by pairing Chansey with Pokemon that have high Defense stats or abilities that increase Defense, players can mitigate this weakness and create a powerful and durable fusion.

Overall, Chansey is a versatile and powerful Pokemon to fuse in Infinite Fusion Calculator. With access to a diverse move pool and useful abilities, as well as the ability to create powerful support or offensive fusions, Chansey is a valuable addition to any team. Whether you’re looking to create a powerful support Pokemon or a hard-hitting offensive force, Chansey is definitely a fusion worth considering.

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