How To Get To Resort Gorgeous Infinite Fusion

Resort Gorgeous is a location in the fan-made game Pokémon Infinite Fusion. It is a luxurious resort located on an island, and is accessible after completing the main storyline of the game. Here’s how to get to Resort Gorgeous in Pokémon Infinite Fusion:

  1. Complete the Main Storyline: To get to Resort Gorgeous, you must first complete the main storyline of Pokémon Infinite Fusion. This involves defeating the Elite Four and becoming the Champion of the region.
  2. Obtain the National Dex: Once you have become the Champion, you must obtain the National Dex. To do this, you need to catch all 386 Pokémon in the game. Once you have caught all of the Pokémon, Professor Oak will give you the National Dex.
  3. Obtain the Mystic Ticket: With the National Dex in hand, you can now obtain the Mystic Ticket. The Mystic Ticket is an event item that was originally distributed in the official Pokémon games. In Pokémon Infinite Fusion, you can obtain the Mystic Ticket by talking to the NPC in Vermilion City who asks if you have seen a green and purple ship. Answer yes, and he will give you the Mystic Ticket.
  4. Go to Island 8: With the Mystic Ticket in hand, you can now go to Island 8. To get to Island 8, go to Vermilion City and take the ferry to the Sevii Islands. From there, take the boat on the right to get to Island 8.
  5. Navigate to Resort Gorgeous: Once you arrive at Island 8, you need to navigate through the island to reach Resort Gorgeous. The resort is located on the southeastern part of the island, and can be accessed by surfing on the water.
  6. Enjoy Resort Gorgeous: Once you reach Resort Gorgeous, you can explore the luxurious resort and its many amenities, such as the spa, the casino, and the beach.

In summary, to get to Resort Gorgeous in Pokemon Fusion Generator, you must first complete the main storyline, obtain the National Dex, and then obtain the Mystic Ticket. Once you have the Mystic Ticket, travel to Island 8 and navigate to the southeastern part of the island to reach Resort Gorgeous.

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