Pokemon Infinite Fusion Kyogre

Kyogre is a legendary Water-type Pokemon introduced in Generation III of the Pokemon series. It is known for its immense power and ability to control the oceans, making it a formidable opponent in battle. In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, players have the ability to combine Kyogre with other Pokemon to create unique and powerful fusions.

One of the most popular Kyogre fusions in the game is the combination of Kyogre and Dragonite. This fusion combines the immense power and water-typing of Kyogre with the flying-typing and versatility of Dragonite, resulting in a Pokemon that is both powerful and unique.

The Kyogre-Dragonite fusion has an impressive appearance, with the body of Kyogre and the wings of Dragonite. It also has a unique typing of Water/Dragon, which gives it a range of resistances and immunities, as well as access to powerful moves from both types.

In terms of stats, the Kyogre-Dragonite fusion is incredibly powerful, with high stats in both physical and special attack, as well as impressive defense and speed. Its moveset is also incredibly versatile, with access to powerful moves like Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Outrage, and Thunder.

One of the standout features of the Kyogre-Dragonite fusion is its unique ability, Drizzle. This ability causes rain to fall when the Pokemon enters battle, which increases the power of Water-type moves and reduces the accuracy of Fire-type moves. This can be a major advantage in Infinite Fusion Calculator battle, especially when paired with powerful Water-type moves like Waterfall and Surf.

Another powerful feature of the Kyogre-Dragonite fusion is its access to the move Hurricane. This move deals significant damage to opponents, especially when paired with the fusion’s high special attack stat. It also has the added benefit of being able to hit opponents with high accuracy, making it a reliable move in battle.

Overall, the Kyogre-Dragonite fusion is a fantastic choice for any player looking for a powerful and versatile Pokemon. Its impressive appearance, high stats, and unique abilities make it a formidable opponent in battle, while its wide range of resistances and immunities make it a valuable addition to any team. Whether you’re a fan of Water or Dragon-type Pokemon or just looking for a powerful addition to your team, the Kyogre-Dragonite fusion is a fusion worth considering.

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