Pokemon Infinite Fusion Pokedex Numbers

The Pokemon Infinite Fusion game features a vast range of fusion Pokemon, each with unique designs, typings, and abilities. Like all other Pokemon games, these fusions are categorized and numbered according to their Pokedex numbers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Pokedex numbers of Pokemon Infinite Fusion and what they represent.

The Pokedex is an electronic device that acts as an encyclopedia for all the Pokemon discovered in a region. It is an essential tool for any trainer as it provides information about each Pokemon’s type, abilities, and evolution line. The Pokedex numbers are a unique identification number given to each Pokemon in the Pokedex, starting with number one and increasing sequentially with each new Pokemon discovered.

In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, the Pokedex numbers work similarly to the mainline Pokemon games, with the numbers starting at one and increasing sequentially. However, since this game features fusions, the Pokedex numbers are assigned to each fusion Pokemon and not the original Pokemon that make up the fusion. For example, a fusion between Charizard and Dragonite would be assigned a new Pokedex number that is unique to that fusion.

The Pokedex numbers are not just arbitrary numbers assigned to each Pokemon; they also have some significance within the game. For example, Pokemon that are close in number usually have some relation to each other, such as being part of the same evolutionary line or having similar characteristics. The Pokedex numbers can also help trainers keep track of the Pokemon they have caught and which ones they still need to find.

The Pokedex numbers in Pokemon Infinite Fusion are assigned based on the order in which the fusions were created by the game’s developers. As more fusions are added to the game, the Pokedex numbers increase accordingly. Currently, the highest Pokedex number in the game is 831, assigned to the fusion of Snorlax and Gyarados, while the lowest is number one, assigned to the very first fusion in the game, which is a combination of Rattata and Pidgey.

While the Pokedex numbers are mostly used for organizational purposes, they can also have an impact on gameplay. In some cases, certain fusions can only be obtained after the player has caught a certain number of Pokemon. For example, the player may need to catch at least 50 fusions to unlock a specific fusion that is assigned a higher Pokedex number.

Additionally, some players may collect fusions based on their Pokedex numbers. Some trainers may aim to collect all the fusions from a specific region or aim to catch every fusion with a Pokedex number that ends in a certain digit. These self-imposed challenges add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the game and encourage players to explore and catch as many fusions as possible.

In conclusion, the Pokedex numbers in Pokemon Infinite Fusion serve as a way to organize and identify each fusion Pokemon within the game. They are assigned based on the order in which the fusions were created and can have an impact on gameplay and the way players choose to collect fusions. Overall, the Pokedex numbers add another layer of depth to the game and help players navigate the vast world of Pokemon fusions.

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