Pokemon Infinite Fusion Typing

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made game that allows players to fuse different Pokemon together to create new creatures. One of the key aspects of creating a new Pokemon is determining its typing. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of typing in Pokemon Infinite Fusion and how it affects gameplay.

First, let’s talk about what typing is in Pokemon. A Pokemon’s typing refers to its elemental attributes, such as fire, water, grass, electric, and so on. A Pokemon can have one or two typings, which determines its strengths, weaknesses, and resistances to certain types of attacks.

In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, typing is a critical aspect of creating a new Pokemon. When two Pokemon are fused together, their typings are combined to create a new typing. For example, if a Charmander (fire type) is fused with a Squirtle (water type), the resulting Pokemon will be a Charmander/Squirtle fusion with both fire and water typings.

The typing of a fused Pokemon is important because it affects its abilities and moveset. A Pokemon with a fire typing, for example, is weak to water-type attacks but strong against grass-type attacks. A Pokemon with a water typing, on the other hand, is weak to electric-type attacks but strong against fire-type attacks.

By combining different typings, players can create unique and powerful Pokemon with a wide range of abilities. For example, fusing a grass-type with a dragon-type can create a Pokemon that is resistant to many types of attacks and has a powerful moveset.

In addition to creating new typings, Pokemon Infinite Fusion also introduces new typings that do not exist in the official Pokemon games.

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