Pokemon Infinite Fusion Voltorb

In the world of Pokémon, there are many unique and interesting creatures to discover. However, with Pokémon Infinite Fusion Dex, players can take things to the next level by fusing different Pokémon together to create entirely new and unique creatures. In this article, we’ll explore one of the many possible fusions that players can create – Voltorb and Magnemite to create a Voltorb with electric and steel typing.

Voltorb is a well-known Pokémon that first appeared in the first generation of Pokémon games. This electric-type Pokémon has a spherical body and a single eye in the center of its face. It is known for its ability to explode, making it a dangerous opponent in battle.

Magnemite, on the other hand, is a steel and electric-type Pokémon that first appeared in the first generation of Pokémon games as well. This Pokémon has a spherical body with two small magnets on each side, as well as a single large eye. Magnemite is known for its magnetic powers and its ability to levitate.

When these two Pokémon are fused together in Pokemon Fusion Dex, players can create a unique Pokémon that combines the best qualities of both Voltorb and Magnemite. The resulting Voltorb has the same spherical body as Voltorb, but with two magnets on either side, similar to Magnemite. Its eye is also located in the center of its body, as opposed to on the top like Magnemite.

In terms of typing, this Voltorb would be both electric and steel, giving it a unique combination of resistances and weaknesses. Steel-type Pokémon are resistant to many types of attacks, including normal, flying, and psychic, while electric-type Pokémon are resistant to flying and steel-type attacks. However, this combination also makes it weak to ground-type moves, which can be a problem in battle.

When it comes to moves, this Voltorb would have access to a variety of both electric and steel-type moves, as well as some moves unique to this fusion. One of the moves unique to this fusion is Magnetic Pulse, which is a steel-type move that deals damage and has a chance to paralyze the opponent. This move is similar to Voltorb’s signature move, Self-Destruct, which deals massive damage but causes the user to faint.

Another unique move this Voltorb can learn is Electro Ball, which is an electric-type move that deals more damage the faster the user is. This move can be very useful in battles against slower opponents, as it can deal significant damage even if the user is not particularly strong.

Overall, Voltorb and Magnemite make for an interesting fusion that combines the unique features of both Pokémon to create something entirely new. This fusion is just one of many possibilities in Pokémon Infinite Fusion Dex, and players are encouraged to experiment and come up with their own unique fusions. With so many Pokémon to choose from and so many possible combinations, the possibilities are truly endless.

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