Pokemon Infinite Fusion Nuzlocke Rules

Pokémon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made game that allows players to combine different Pokémon to create unique hybrid creatures with their own stats and abilities. One popular way to play this game is through the Nuzlocke challenge, a set of self-imposed rules that make the game more difficult and challenging. In this blog post, we will explore the Nuzlocke rules for Pokémon Infinite Fusion.

The Basic Rules

The basic rules of the Nuzlocke challenge in Pokemon Infinite Fusion are similar to those in other Pokémon games. Here are the basic rules:

  1. Only catch the first Pokémon you encounter in each area. If you fail to catch it, you cannot catch any other Pokémon in that area.
  2. If a Pokémon faints, it is considered dead and must be released or permanently boxed. You cannot use it again.
  3. Give each Pokémon a nickname to form a bond with them.

These rules apply to all Pokémon you encounter in the game, including the ones you fuse together.

Advanced Rules

In addition to the basic rules, there are also advanced rules that can make the Nuzlocke challenge even more difficult. Here are some of the advanced rules you can consider:

  1. No healing items allowed during battles. This rule means that you cannot use any healing items, such as potions or berries, during battles. You can only heal outside of battles.
  2. No Pokémon Centers allowed. This rule means that you cannot use Pokémon Centers to heal your Pokémon. You must rely on healing items or healing moves.
  3. Level caps. This rule means that you cannot exceed a certain level with your Pokémon. For example, you may decide that your Pokémon cannot exceed the level of the next Gym Leader’s strongest Pokémon.

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