Pokemon Infinite Fusion TMs

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a popular fan-made game that has been gaining attention among Pokemon enthusiasts in recent years. This game takes the classic concept of the Pokemon series and adds a unique twist: players can fuse two different Pokemon together to create an entirely new creature. This feature has attracted a lot of attention from fans, as it allows them to experiment with different combinations and create their own custom Pokemon.

One aspect of Pokemon Infinite Fusion that has been particularly popular among players is the use of Technical Machines (TMs) to teach moves to their fused creatures. TMs are items that have been a part of the Pokemon series since the very beginning, and they allow players to teach their Pokemon new moves that they wouldn’t be able to learn otherwise. In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, TMs take on an even more important role, as they allow players to customize the moveset of their fused creatures and create truly unique combinations.

There are a total of 100 TMs in Pokemon Infinite Fusion, and each one teaches a different move. Some of these moves are standard moves that can be learned by most Pokemon, while others are exclusive to certain types or species. For example, the TM for Thunderbolt teaches the powerful electric move to any compatible Pokemon, while the TM for Flamethrower teaches a powerful fire move that is only available to certain fire-type Pokemon.

One of the unique aspects of TMs in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is that they can be used on fused Pokemon, allowing players to create entirely new movesets for their custom creatures. For example, if a player fused a Pikachu with a Charmander, they could use the TMs for Thunderbolt and Flamethrower to create a Pikachu-Charmander hybrid with access to both powerful electric and fire moves. This allows for a lot of creative freedom when it comes to creating custom Pokemon, as players can experiment with different combinations of TMs to create powerful and unique movesets.

In addition to the standard TMs, there are also a number of exclusive TMs in Pokemon Infinite Fusion that can only be obtained through special means. For example, the TM for Fusion Bolt is a unique move that can only be obtained by completing a specific side quest in the game. This move is particularly powerful, as it deals damage based on the combined Attack and Special Attack stats of the user’s Pokemon, making it an ideal move for fused creatures.

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